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Come on in, the water’s great

Actually, it’s bloody freezing. So cold you’ll forget your name and how to speak. As your internal organs begin shutting down, you can nonetheless bask in the knowledge you are experiencing a wellness, and a oneness with the natural world, few other endeavours can give you.

We’re not an organisation (the copyright infringement notice from Tripadvisor is expected any day) – we’re just a couple of middle-aged blokes who’ve read Roger Deakin’s Waterlog, bought thermal wetsuits, and embarked on our own wild swimming adventure. Dipadvisor is where we’ll share our experiences of swimming in the UK’s rivers, lakes, seas – basically anywhere that’s wet and unchlorinated.

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Waxham, July 2020

Warm evening, warm sea, rolling waves and a bunch of playful seals. If Carlsberg did swims, they would probably be like this.

Burnham Overy Staithe, North Norfolk

Burnham Overy Staithe, June 2020

Our first jaunt to the Norfolk coast took us to Burnham Overy Staithe in the Norfolk Coast AONB, where the incoming tide on the River Burn was so strong we just decided to go with it – quite literally.

Sparham Pools, May 2020

Heading inland again after a string of swims on the Suffolk coast, at Sparham we found a gorgeous lake on a beautiful cloudless morning in the Wensum Valley – complete with cuckoos and a floating sofa.

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When you enter the water, something, like a metamorphosis happens. Leaving behind the land, you go through the looking glass surface and enter a new world in which survival, not ambition or desire, is the dominant aim.

Roger Deakin, Waterlog